About Us

Company Profile

Founded in 1978, Inkman has been providing quality rubber stamps to the Australasian and Oceania region  for the past 35 years. Tested and proven our products are superior in terms of quality, longevity and finish. We have recently introduced the laser engraving and cutting service to our business, meaning we can personalize your everyday objects through the use of advanced laser technology. 

Mission Statement


Our vision sees that our customers will be able to purchase products that express’ their individuality.

Hoping they will experience ease when purchasing personalized products. While also giving them the option to express themselves using imagination and creativity to design every day products that suit their needs and desires.

Our Services

At Inkman ltd, we provide fully serviced laser engraving/cutting on products ranging from different materials. Using your own logo whether it may be a small design to a large artwork, we can do it. Materials range from plastic, stone, wood, metal, laminate and many more.